MK Lemon Lavender Lash Gel Remover

$19.95 AUD
  • Manufactured to be gentle on sensitive eyes & skin, leaving no residue behind
  • Formulated thicker quality and texture for easy application and removal for minimal irritation to the eye area
  • Lemon Lavender scented for anxiety reliever and fast acting citrus adhesive breakdown components
  • Clients' eyes must be closed. Avoid any contact with the eye or skin.

Directions and use:

  • Apply gel pads to avoid any skin contact
  • Instruct client to keep eyes closed
  • Using our micro swab brushes or lips wands, apply a decent amount of remover to the top of the eye pads to avoid doubling, dipping and cross-contaminating lash remover.
  • Apply lash remover to the base of the extension over the adhesive to break down, and allow lash cream remover to sit for 5-10 minutes
  • Carefully use our micro swab brushes or lips wands to wipe off any extension.
  • Remove and wipe off any excess remover, shampoo and rinse with water.

For Professional and External use only. Keep safe at all times and out of reach of children. If the product comes into contact with the skin and eyes, rinse immediately.

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