MK Haus Of Beauty Privacy Policy August 2022

This Privacy Policy applies to MK Haus Of Beauty - ABN: 45 836 138 565 and all related enterprises in this document such as

The personal information collected over this site is used, disclosed, stored and protected confidential of all personal information. This personal information is collected to access, update, correct or provide us with any information if any order issues.

What is personal information?

Personal information that may be collected is classed and identified to the individual whom can be used as name, date, birth, address, occupation, qualifications or certification, contact number and or email address.

Why Does MK Haus Of Beauty Collect Personal Information?

We may collect your personal information when necessary or required by law, however in most cases personal details is collected from you to give authorisation for the following:

  • Subscriptions, Discounts Or Promotions
  • Product Releases
  • Services Release
  • Educational Purposes & Releases
  • Events
  • Marketing & POS
  • Improvement of any experiences or feedback with us

The personal information collected and protected by MK Haus Of Beauty is only used for the purposes above.

What do you do if you do not want to receive any further communications from MK Haus Of Beauty?

You can unsubscribe from our marketing communications via the footer link at the bottom of this website page or via any email communications.

How do I access, update or delete any of my personal information?

Please contact MK Haus Of Beauty via and we will provide you access once you have proved your identity.