MK Drastic Black Mid Stem Premade Fan 8D

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Designed and manufactured by MK Haus Of Beauty with a premium high-quality Korean Silk material with a matte black finish! This unique fibre closely resembles the feeling and flexibility of natural eyelashes, with the darkest finish available in the industry.
Looking for the perfect premade fan and want to achieve the handmade look? We got you covered! Our 8D MK Drastic Black Short Stem Pointy Base Premade Fans are known to be the darkest premade fans on the market for express volume lashes!

  • Designed and manufactured by MK Haus Of Beauty and Australian Owned!
  • Available in 10 different sizes, D Curl & 0.05mm Thickness
  • Beginner to Advanced tech friendly!
  • Our massive trays are designed with 320 premade fans; each tray is designed to accommodate 2+ clients than the average standard small trays compared to other brands in the industry.
  • Designed with pointy bases for quick pick up and easy application! Create a volumised look within half the handmade application time!
  • Ideal for Full Volume sets, Mega Volume Sets, Black Out Sets & Wispy Sets.
  • Easy Peel Back Foil Design Strips, Easy to Place on Lash Trays or Lash Tiles
  • Our Trays are designed to be the same length and width as our “MK Velvet Lash Pillow” for an easy and comfortable work environment with easy storage
  • Consistent and perfectly designed bases
  • Known to be the darkest premade fan on the market
  • 12 Compact rows with extra sizing and product (8-15mm), Thickness 0.05mm, D Curl
  • Bulk Buy Available!
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty-Free

Always applicate at the top or bottom view at the base of the natural lash to secure a tight 2mm bond between the natural lash and eyelash extension for best retention results. Do not apply the lash to the left or right side of the lash; if the lash turns around the natural lash or drops, it has not bonded and adhered to the natural lash correctly.

More MK 8D Drastic Black Fans Designs are Coming Soon!

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