MK Luxe Gold Isolation Tweezer

$32.95 AUD

MK Luxe Gold Isolation Tweezers

  • The Sharpest Tweezer In The Industry 
  • Beginner To Advanced Friendly Tweezers
  • Dual Purpose Isolation Tweezers Suitable For Classic To Volume Lashes
  • Dual Purpose For Various Isolation Techniques
  • 125cm Length, Slimline Design
  • Defined Sharp Tip For Perfectly Precise Isolation
  • Lightweight Refrain To Prevent Joint Or Muscle Pain

Clean your tweezers between clients. Otherwise, you can risk spreading infections and viruses such as Blepharitis (Eyelid inflammation that affects the eyelash extensions, natural eyelashes and tears duct), conjunctivitis, lash mites and other viruses popular during the current weather season.

Your lash tools must be wiped down or cleaned with 70% alcohol wipes or spray and wiped, then submerged in disinfectant for 10 minutes between each client. We recommend using Barbicide and having multiple tweezers on hand if working back-to-back in Salon.

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Kelsey Taylor
Amazing product

Amazing isolating tweezers. Game changer to isolate lashes

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